The DRIMAC vision and positioning are captured in a formula that is both our go-to-market brand line and our internal mantra
(in other words your Chi): “Fully Equipped”.

The DRIMAC Brand Character

For over 50 years DRIMAC garments have combined the careful execution of every detail with the quality of superior fabrics that have been tested for durability and comfort.

All garments are conceived for contemporary urban living, and we strongly recommend to wear your DRIMAC favorites with pride, integrity and honesty.

A true South African brand that is manufactured with pride right here in Newcastle, Kwazulu Natal.

We at Allwear believe in our high quality of our products and the exceptional service we provide to our clients.

Top outdoor enthusiasts understood the spirit of adventure from wearing comfortable and quality clothing.

Brand Essence and Character:

Consumer Essence/ Character Profile:


Vision, as the word implies, is the image of the aspired-to standard and goal of what we strive towards. It is the “ultimate” foundation of our company’s positioning and everything that positioning, in turn, drives; for example, strategy, policy, behavior, communications, product design and more. Our vision serves as the rallying cry within DRIMAC – it defines who we are, what we are committed to accomplishing together with and for our customers, including the types of businesses we distribute to. This is the promise we make to ourselves regarding the commitments we make to our customer.